Your Contracting Business Needs Good Employees. Here’s How to Keep Them.

When business is booming, you might take on a few employees to help you complete your construction projects or handle administration tasks you don’t have the time to do. Finding good employees is difficult. In an industry with a labor shortage, keeping a great worker can be even harder. Here’s a few tips you can use to ensure that you are meeting your employees’ expectations when they are exceeding yours.

Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits
Payroll is often one of the biggest chunks of a business owner’s overhead. The more you offer to pay someone, the more of your monthly income goes out to that pay. That said, compensating someone fairly for the job and the area you’re located in is basically the only way you can keep people. You might have a fabulous work environment, but people can only pay their bills with money. Before you hire for a position, do some research to find out how competitive the field is in your area, and what most companies are paying. Try to do a little better if you can, or feature some additional intangible benefits like paid time-off or schedule flexibility.

Provide Career Development
As a business owner, it’s sometimes hard to think about career development as a tool for employee retention. After all, if they get a lot of training and experience at your expense, they might just use it to get a different job. This is somewhat true and can happen to any employer. However, failing to offer opportunities to grow in the field or move up within the company will practically guarantee that the best people will leave. A small contracting business may not be able to provide a career path with multiple levels of expertise within the organization. If you can pay for training and give your employees a chance to pick up experience with new technology, they’ll reward you with better loyalty and higher quality work.

Increase Autonomy
While you are still in the early years of your business, it gets easy to worry about every little thing going wrong. When you hire an experienced professional to provide a specific service, you are hiring not just a person but a wealth of knowledge and work ethic. Why not use it to your advantage? Try to find ways that you can let them do their jobs as they see fit, as much as you can. If you find this difficult, you might consider redefining the scope of the position so that they have more opportunities to step up. As an added benefit, you will spend less time managing them and more time performing your own important tasks.

Design Opportunities to Shape Company Policy and Culture
When you get a small group of people to work together all the time, you need a good dynamic. Employees who feel like they have power to steer the success of the company will take the chance to wield it. You definitely want everyone who works under you to have the future of your business in mind with every job they perform. Use the hiring process to find professionals who have an eye for quality and can make your business thrive. Then, give them the tools they need to get it done. In return, you’ll have workers who feel like they have an investment in the company, not just a paycheck.

When your business gets too busy to do it on your own, hiring a great worker is only the first step. If you invest in their future, they will help you invest in yours. For more information about starting your own contracting business, contact CSLS today!