EPA-RRP Lead-Based Paint Safety Certification

We offer contractor license certification for those looking to obtain a Eaprp lead safety certification.

EPA-RRP Certification

Are you complying with the law and keeping your customers safe from lead paint and other contaminants? As of April 22, 2010, anyone doing repair or contract work to a home that was built pre-1978 is required to be an EPA-RRP (renovation, repair and painting) certified professional. That means general contractors, renovation specialists, electricians, plumbers, property managers and even painters fall under the requirements of this law. This course will teach you how to comply with the EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule, the HUD Lead Safe Housing Rule, and how to perform lead-safe work practices safely and effectively.

Enacted to keep homeowners and residents safe (and especially young children), it carries very stiff fines and penalties for those companies and contractors who aren’t compliant.

Luckily, getting your EPA-RRP certification is a snap with CSLS. In this one 8 hours class, we’ll walk you through all the necessary laws and statutes, as well as the health risks posed by specific building materials, so you can avoid or remove them safely. Whether you have dozens of construction professionals on your team or work as a solo contractor, this short course is a great way to keep your company in line with California law and the industry’s best practices.

In this day and age, there isn’t any excuse for failing to renovate any property in accordance with the law, or to put your customers’ lives and health at risk. Sign up for our ongoing EPA-RRP certification course today, and you’ll get:

  • Written study materials that explain the backgrounds of these laws and the building materials and questions, as well as your responsibilities as a contractor or renovator
  • Disposable materials, including coveralls, respirators, gloves and foot coverings, so you can study hazardous building materials under safe conditions
  • Convenient class times and locations at our 25 campuses across California, including ongoing Saturday EPA-RRP classes for busy construction contractors
  • Certificates showing compliance with EPA-RRP training and regulations available for individual contractors as well as the entire construction and renovation teams
  • Instructors stay with each student, ensuring that each understands the material thoroughly.

What’s included:

  • EPA-RRP Student Manual
  • Disposable coverall with build-in hood and shoe covers
  • Disposable non-latex gloves
  • Final certification exam required by the EPA

It only takes a moment to register for our RRP-EPA Training and Certification Course.

Tuition: $225

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