Test Taking Skills classes

CSLS Test-Taking Strategies Courses a fear of taking tests holding you back from becoming a California State Licensed Contractor?

Don’t worry, we have the cure for that! We know that many of our students come to us with unpleasant memories from their school days, and feel nervous about sitting down to take an official exam, even if they know the material inside and out.
Our test-taking strategies course is designed for anyone who wants to feel calm, relaxed and confident as they take the next step in their careers. By covering what goes on the exam, from start to finish, and offering practical tips for increasing your score, it gives you an edge that you can’t find in any other program.

There is a reason why 99% of our students passed their California State Contractor’s Licensing Exam on the first try.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn in the CSLS test-taking strategies course:

  • The basics of computerized testing and the overall goal of the California State Licensed Contractor Exam
  • How to quickly recognize the real question being asked by identifying keywords
  • The best ways to budget your time to ensure that you complete your exam
  • Increasing your odds of finding the right answer, even when you don’t know what it is
  • The different kinds of questions on the exam, and proven multiple-choice strategies

Tuition: $99