Success Stories



Brad Cloonan, General B

CSLS is an excellent school. They reached out to me and worked directly with my schedule and my business to facilitate classes towards my General B. The teacher for Law & Business covered all the materials, made it easy to understand and kept the class on course. He even offered to stay after class to answer additional questions I had. I would absolutely recommend attending classes here and using the school for self-study as well.

Thank you CSLS for all your help – I couldn’t have done it without you!



John Mutter, C-33 License and General B

I enrolled in CSLS’s Contractor Exam Preparation program to get my painter’s license. I was pleasantly surprised that the course materials were very easy to follow. I thought it would be a lot harder, but the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful and made the class an enjoyable learning experience.

It was so much easier than I thought to get my painter’s license (C-33), and since I passed the exam the first time I took it, it gave me the confidence I needed to try for a General B Contractor License as well. Once again I enrolled for the In-school General B exam preparation. I passed the test again!!!

I now have two licenses, C-33 and General B, and I couldn’t have done it without the excellent support and encouragement from the highly professional and caring staff at CSLS. They gave me the help and preparation I needed to pass the contractor state exams both times. My experience with CSLS was very positive and I highly recommend them to anyone who’s considering getting their license to choose them.

Thank you, CSLS!

Calabasas, CA




Didier Araiza, C-33, Painter

English is not my first language. I came to the U.S. not understanding English and I only completed six years of school in Mexico. I barely understood English and did not know how to read or write, and thanks to your school, I passed the law exam, which is the most difficult. I admit I failed it the first time because I did not complete the entire program, but the second time I applied myself better and I passed. I know I would have not passed without the way your school set up the training for me.

Getting my license has opened up a lot of doors and I go a lot of sub-contractor jobs because I have the license.

I know it was the way CSLS set up the study time and classes. The practice exams and the crash course are what helped me pass the exam, and now I have my license.

I pride myself on the type of work I do . . . the workmanship. The contractors I used to work for always ask if I had a license because they liked the way I worked and wanted to use me more, and I would say no. I was working for somebody else at the time. They would tell me if I ever got my license, they’d have plenty of work for me.

I then asked myself why I wouldn’t try to get my license. I have nothing to lose. I can make more money and keep doing the same thing I know I’m already good at and love to do. I have been busy with work since 1996 since I received my license, and even when the recession hit and business was slow, I was still able to survive. I know I would have not survived if I didn’t have my license.

I now have my own home. But before I got my license I would have never been able to get a home with the salary I was earning. I worked for someone else all the time and the most I made was $13 per hour. Now, I get to work for myself, and I feel like I’m helping other people by employing them. I have the best job I could ever ask for.