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A man in a hard hat is standing in front of a house with the words professional home inspection course offered for obtaining a contractor license.

Home Inspection

Did you know that in California, you don’t have to be a Licensed Contractor to become a Home Inspector? But there are key factors that can make certain inspectors successful right away.

Our home inspection course is perfect for anyone who wants to break into this growing business and add a profitable skill to their resume. Realtors, homeowners and those looking to buy a house all trust home inspectors to examine and assess properties, looking out for defects and future problems. To do so, they must have a strong working knowledge of local ordinances, popular heating and cooling systems, and signs of mold and foundation damage, as well as the ability to spot issues in any of these areas.

In the CSLS home inspection course, you won’t just learn how to identify each of these, but also the keys to starting and running a successful home inspection business. That’s because each of our instructors is an experienced professional who has already been through the process of finding customers, advertising their business, pricing their services, and otherwise launching a profitable company. We want you to be able to do the very best – for your clients and yourself – which is why our home inspection classes are among the most thorough and detailed you’ll find anywhere.

Becoming a trained home inspector opens you up to a number of earning possibilities that exist in any real estate market, regardless of whether people are buying or selling. Here are just some of the things you’ll learn in our CSLS home inspector course:

  • How to create a methodical system for home inspection, ensuring that you don’t miss key facts or details.
  • The best methods for inspecting every part of a home, including heating and cooling, electrical, water, insulation, foundations, roofing, and more.
  • The proper way to write up a final home inspection report, detailing your findings for homeowners, realtors, and buyers.
  • Tips on launching a successful home inspection business, including advice on marketing, networking, pricing your services and which professional groups to join.
  • A hands-on study where you will examine and inspect a home in California, working alongside experienced professionals to properly inspect each house.

Tuition: $1,495

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