Building Codes – International Code Council (ICC) Certification Seminar

What is the ICC Certification Exam?

The International Code Council (ICC) has developed and oversees testing programs and certifications for building code enforcement and construction professionals throughout the United States. Their goal is to educate on proper safety procedures.

Certification enhances your chances of being employed and working on bigger projects.

There are wide ranges of construction professionals and industries that are affected by building code regulations across the country. Contractors who receive their certification and have an advantage in this area are crucial to employers and public safety alike.

Building Codes

(ICC Certification B-1 & B-2)

At CSLS, our ICC certification program is like no other you’ll find in California or anywhere else, with experienced instructors and an unmatched success rate. We offer separate residential and commercial courses.

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ICC-IRC Residential Building Inspector
(B-1 Certified)

Our ICC residential inspector exam prep course teaches you everything you need to know to pass your test and become B-1 certified. You won’t just learn the most up-to-date code standards, but also important regulations surrounding construction materials, the best methods and practices, and even the requirements for product quality evaluations and building code inspections.

We will also cover important ICC residential building inspector exam details like:

  • Building planning
  • Conversions, footings and foundations
  • Floor, roof and ceiling construction
  • Wall constructions and coverings
  • Public safety and special instruction
  • Instructor lead class (4 weeks)

Tuition Price: $895

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Building Code Residential



mon5feb - 28feb 56:00 pmfeb 28Building Code Residential6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (28) School:Orange

mon26feb - 22marfeb 266:00 pmmar 22Building Code Residential6:00 pm - (march 22) 9:00 pm School:Fresno

mon26mar - 18aprmar 266:00 pmapr 18Building Code Residential(march 26) 6:00 pm - (april 18) 9:00 pm School:San Marcos

mon2apr - 25apr 26:00 pmapr 25Building Code Residential6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (25) School:San Jose

mon2apr - 26apr 26:00 pmapr 26Building Code Residential6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (26) School:Van Nuys

tue24apr - 17mayapr 246:30 pmmay 17Building Code Residential(april 24) 6:30 pm - (may 17) 9:30 pm School:Concord

mon30apr - 24mayapr 306:00 pmmay 24Building Code Residential(april 30) 6:00 pm - (may 24) 9:00 pm School:Riverside East

mon4jun - 27jun 46:00 pmjun 27Building Code Residential6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (27) School:Orange

ICC-IBC Commercial Building Inspector
(B-2 Certified)

Our ICC commercial building inspector course is the best way to prepare for your B-2 exam and certification. It covers not only construction regulations and up-to-date commercial code specifics, but also detailed advice on starting and operating a commercial inspection business. If you want to become licensed and open doors with engineering firms, municipalities, and major construction companies, then this class is your first step.

In addition to copies of the most recent building codes, and the construction topics covered in our residential course, students will also receive:

  • IBC Turbo Tabs
  • The IBC study companion
  • Code Check for California

Tuition Price: $1045

(Bundle B-1 & B-2 and save – Discount automatically applied at checkout)

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Building Code Commercial



mon22jan - 7marjan 226:00 pmmar 7Building Code Commercial(january 22) 6:00 pm - (march 7) 9:00 pm School:San Jose

mon5feb - 21marfeb 56:00 pmmar 21Building Code Commercial6:00 pm - (march 21) 9:00 pm School:Van Nuys

mon5feb - 22marfeb 56:00 pmmar 22Building Code Commercial6:00 pm - (march 22) 9:00 pm School:Riverside East

mon5feb - 7mayfeb 56:00 pmmay 7Building Code Commercial6:00 pm - (may 7) 9:00 pm School:Bakersfield

tue20feb - 5aprfeb 206:30 pmapr 5Building Code Commercial6:30 pm - (april 5) 9:30 pm School:Concord

mon12mar - 25aprmar 126:00 pmapr 25Building Code Commercial(march 12) 6:00 pm - (april 25) 9:00 pm School:Orange

mon2apr - 17mayapr 26:00 pmmay 17Building Code Commercial(april 2) 6:00 pm - (may 17) 9:00 pm School:Fresno

mon7may - 25junmay 76:00 pmjun 25Building Code Commercial(may 7) 6:00 pm - (june 25) 9:00 pm School:San Jose

mon4jun - 19juljun 46:00 pmjul 19Building Code Commercial(june 4) 6:00 pm - (july 19) 9:00 pm School:Riverside East

mon4jun - 23juljun 46:00 pm- 9:00 pmBuilding Code Commercial(june 4) 6:00 pm - (july 23) 9:00 pm School:San Marcos

mon4jun - 30juljun 46:00 pmjul 30Building Code Commercial(june 4) 6:00 pm - (july 30) 9:00 pm School:Van Nuys

tue5jun - 19juljun 56:30 pmjul 19Building Code Commercial(june 5) 6:30 pm - (july 19) 9:30 pm School:Concord

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