Your Contracting Business Is Only as Good as Your Subcontractors

If you aren’t working as part of a company, you might need to subcontract out some work from time to time. The trick is to find the professionals who will make your project better. Here’s how to know you’ve got a good subcontractor.

Maintains Excellent Communication

A subcontractor who knows how to balance work with administrative duties is worth their equipment’s weight in gold. Remember the last time you only needed to talk to someone about a quick thing, and they never seemed to get back to you? This frustration is something you don’t need at the job site. When you start to get to know a few people in relevant industries, find out about their communication habits. If you use a particular kind of productivity software to keep various teams on the same page, ask if they know how to use it (or are willing to learn).

Makes Your Project a Priority

The best subcontractors may be extremely busy all year long. They are the best in their fields because they have so much practice, and also because they are very good at what they do. This doesn’t mean that you should always feel relegated to the sidelines, though. Professionals with skills in demand have generally learned to balance their schedules and focus on the task at hand. An expert you would love to have to help you with your project will find ways to fit you into their timelines, without keeping you waiting.

Keeps Everything Above the Table

Most construction projects have a degree of liability for each individual worker or business at the job site. No one wants to be tainted by association with someone who didn’t go through the proper processes to make it a success. As a result, you want everyone on the project to have a solid record, with evidence that they are keeping it above the table. Don’t hesitate to ask for evidence of certifications, licenses, and insurance where needed. After all, you are just following up on their claims.

Protects Everyone’s Investment

When you are the general contractor on a particular job, you know that every piece of the project affects the whole. No one can just be in it for their own money, or the likelihood of problems goes up dramatically. Professionals with an eye for future business keep this in mind, protecting everyone’s investment in the job. This means that they always aim to do their best, and are willing to work with you to ensure that all parties get what they need.

Where to Find Quality Subcontractors

Identifying the best people to work with on various projects may call for you to develop some networking skills. Talk to people who have been in your industry for a long time, and get their opinions. Browse your area and find a few recent jobs that you think were done really well. Find out who did the work on them. If you have a great experience with a subcontractor, ask them who they prefer to work with. Eventually, you’ll have a short list of people you might consult for more information.

When you first start your contracting business, it might be hard to know who to hire as a subcontractor. With these tips, you can sort out the professionals who really stand out. To start working toward your career in construction, visit CSLS today!