Your Contracting Business Got a Sales Lead. Here’s How to Manage It.

In the busy world of construction, you might be handling sales calls on your way to and from the jobsite. When you get a lead, the trick is to avoid letting it go cold. Try these tips to keep prospective customers interested, and give them everything they need to make the right decision.

Make Contact Quickly
When clients are at the point that they ask you for information or a quote, they may be contacting several businesses. This means that you don’t have lag time before getting back to them. People understand that you’re busy and may not be able to respond immediately. However, they usually expect you to reply within a day or two at the most. A quick response does not need to be long or all-encompassing. Start by using the same or a similar communication format they used to reach you. Introduce yourself and ask if this is their preferred form of contact. Prompt, attentive replies to their questions will show that you can make their projects a priority.

Start the Conversation with Questions
What prospective customers know about your services depends on how much information you have out there, and how they found your business. Assume that they know only a bit more about your company as you do about them. Ask these questions:

If they contacted you from a friend or colleague’s recommendation, you may not have as much work to establish credibility. Asking about the project encourages them to describe what they have in mind, so you can decide if it’s a good fit. The timeline may show how close they are to making a decision. If they’ve got a defined deadline and it’s coming up relatively soon, they may be in a hurry to commit.

Establish Credibility and Reliability
Throughout the initial conversation, customers need ample opportunities to ask questions and receive a detailed answer. This is probably your best chance to establish a working relationship, so be sure to hold it at a time when you have plenty of time and few outside distractions. Think about how you want to answer each question. Pay attention to the customer’s reaction. It can be tempting to provide all the information at once, but this can overwhelm people and actually drive them away. Keep your replies reasoned and short enough that customers can follow you from beginning to end.

Avoid Early Pressure to Buy
Nurturing sales leads can be a long game. Only maybe 25% of people make contact at a time when they’re ready to buy. Usually, they’re trying to get more information so they can make a decision later. These potential clients may prefer to receive details about options available and the kinds of services you can provide than a standard sales pitch. Even if people don’t choose you this time, they’ll remember a business that helped them if they need this service again later.

Simplify the Learning Process
Information about your products and services should be readily available for customers to browse at their leisure. Don’t count on them to go to your website or social media accounts independently, though. Aim to cut the time people have to spend looking for answers to their questions, down to a single click if you can. Consider sending an email or a text with a brief recap of your conversation, along with links to relevant pages that will guide them in making a decision.

Running your own contracting business may call for a wider variety of skills than you ever imagined. Being able to draw in new clients and meet their construction needs are tasks that CSLS can help you prepare to fulfill with style. To get started, contact us today!