When’s the Best Time to Schedule Your Contractor Licensing Exam?

Once you’re ready and have all the necessary paperwork, you can take the contractor licensing exam almost anytime. Yet, some days are better than others, particularly on a seasonal basis. You want to do well on the exam, and a lot of your success depends on which day works best for you. Here are several factors you should consider before you pick a date.

You can do well on an exam in any season, but that doesn’t mean that every season is great. Just like there are morning people and night owls, there are those who feel much more in their element in certain seasons than others. Does summer make you feel alive, or does it bake you like a brick? Does winter feel dark and gloomy, or does it provide the peace you need to concentrate? Imagine which season you like the most, and go with that one. Scheduling in the middle of the season helps you avoid jarring changes in lighting or temperature. Just don’t book your exam for the week after a time change, when your body’s still trying to adjust.

Weather Concerns
You can’t usually predict the weather as far out as you would schedule your exam, but you can use seasonal weather patterns to help you plan. If the idea of fire season gives you nightmares worrying about closed freeways and downed power lines, that’s not a good time for you. Similarly, heavy snow or rainstorms can put a kink in your plans. Evaluate the average weather for your region and point out the most likely problems throughout the year. Avoiding those times may help everything run right on schedule.

You wouldn’t schedule the exam until you feel prepared enough to take it. But once you reach that point, you need to be sure that you don’t overshoot it. For example, some people sign up for classes to help them prepare, but then wait too long to take the exam. If you’ve done all the work and you’ve been cleared to take the exam, you want to make sure that all the information is still fresh in your mind. Don’t let other scheduling concerns push test day months down the road. You run the risk of forgetting some key aspects of the work, which might not be as easy to fix with extra study.

Day and Time
Getting the schedule down to the right day and time can make a difference. The trouble is that it can be different for everyone. As a general rule, people will have a better time taking an exam not too long after they wake up in the morning. If you try taking an exam when the afternoon is rolling on and you’re starting to drag, you may be more likely to miss obvious questions or lose track. Early to midday times usually work better.

The day of the week depends mostly on you. Some people love to get a fresh start on the week and would have a better experience if they take the exam on Monday. Others dread the beginning of the week and feel like planning something on Monday ruins the weekend. Get a sense for which days of the week you typically do your best work with the most focus. That’s the day to choose.

Plan Around Stressful Times
Besides calendar-related factors like season and weather, there are times when taking the exam will be better for you than others. If you have a busy day job or a complicated family life, you want to try to plan the exam when those aspects of your routine are easier to predict. This means scheduling the test when your work responsibilities are at their lightest. Avoiding planning the exam around big milestones in your family or major holidays can ensure that you have the extra time you need for studying and preparation.

The best time to take the contractor licensing exam is a day that allows your abilities to shine. Like every business, it’s different for everyone. To discover a wide selection of courses we offer in preparation for the exam, contact CSLS today!