Two Things to Remember About Construction Safety and Job Site Accidents


Safety and accident prevention are big topics in the world construction, and for good reason: The combination of long days, hectic job sites, and high-powered tools can be a dangerous one.

At CSLS, we emphasize safety on construction job sites as a top priority for our students. Once you graduate, though, it’s up to you to ensure that the risk of an accident is low. Here are two important things to remember about construction safety and job site accidents:

1. First, accident prevention is largely about preparation. That is, having the right team, the right materials, the right habits, and the right schedules make all the difference. The majority of accidents in the industry are a result of poor training, trying to do things too quickly, or not using the right tools for the job.

Whether you are the owner of your own company or working for someone else, it’s up to you to make sure that job sites stay safe, and that you speak up if you see something happening that shouldn’t be. It might take a few extra minutes here and there, but your safety and personal health are well worth it.

2. And second, if you do have an accident, having the right insurance and paperwork makes all the difference. Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions are taken, construction job site accidents are still likely to happen simply because you can’t plan for everything. And when they do, having the right paperwork and protection on your side is extraordinarily important.

When you have the correct insurance, including liability and disability coverage, the setbacks from an unfortunate accident can typically be overcome. If you don’t have the correct certifications, employee paperwork, or other necessary documents and coverage in order, though, it only takes one small incident to kill your company – and perhaps even bankrupt you personally

We hope that none of our students ever have to worry about a construction accident in their careers, and having the right habits can go a long way toward making you safer and more efficient. But, accident risks are part of the industry, and smart contractors stay prepared and protected against the unforeseen at all times.

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