The Three Best Reasons to Add an Additional License to Your Contracting Business


Most construction professionals who come through CSLS for the first time are simply concerned with passing the two major portions of their California state contractor license exam: the law and trade section, and the section for individual classifications. What many don’t realize at the time, however, is that your career can keep growing from there – in fact, by earning an additional l license, you can add new specialties to your permit.

Why would you want to “go back to school,” so to speak? Each construction professional has his or her own motivations, of course, but here are the three best reasons to add an additional license to your business:

1. Learning new classifications allows you to take on more projects. The most common reason for earning an additional license is that a contractor wants to have access to more projects (or bigger projects and more money). Obviously, the more classifications you have, the bigger and more diverse range of construction projects you can bid on and accept. So in that sense, an additional license makes your company bigger.

2. With an additional license, you become more of an established authority to your clients. At the same time, even if you don’t use your new additional license regularly, just having more expertise makes you more of an “expert” to your clients. That isn’t just on paper, either. If you can understand how the different pieces of a construction project work together – or how you need to work with other contractors to make things go smoothly – you become much more valuable as a professional.

3. Learning about a new part of the construction field can make you feel excited about your work again. No matter how much you like your particular construction specialty, or how skilled you become at it, you may reach a point where you feel like seeking out new challenges. Even the most accomplished and successful contractors sometimes wish for a change of pace, and earning an additional license can help you find one. For just a little bit of time and effort, you could discover a new part of your job that you enjoy more than you thought you would.

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