How to Stop Potential Contracting Clients From Slipping Away


As any experienced California contractor could tell you, even some of the most excited and enthusiastic potential clients are going to decide not to work with you, or at least to put off their construction projects until some other time in the future.

There are any number of reasons this can happen, and most revolve around things like funding, scheduling, the economy, etc., that are outside your control. But, while you can’t necessarily do anything about new clients deciding not to hire you at the moment, you can make an effort to win their business later and increase your odds of working with them at some point.

The best way to do that, of course, is simply by keeping in touch. There are a lot of ways to accomplish that, but here are a few of the best:

Keep a newsletter mailing list. By sending out a flier a few times a year, you can remind potential clients that you’re still around and doing great work. You could even advertise specials or new construction capabilities, if you think would-be customers might be interested.

Stay in touch via email. You can accomplish the same with email, with the added benefit of things being faster and cheaper. Plus, your email newsletter can link back to your website, which can have pictures from completed projects and more detailed information about your contracting business.

Pick up the phone. Nothing beats personal communication, of course, and a quick phone call can be a great way to follow up with potential clients. Just don’t call too often, though, or you’ll annoy people who are thinking of working with you and waste a lot of your own time.

Start social media profiles for your business. As with email, social media contact is quick, easy, and convenient. Best of all, people can share your social profiles with their friends, so you could get referrals to even more potential clients as your network grows.

When keeping in touch with potential clients, what really matters most is that you do it. Of course, the particular method you choose should be based upon your own preferences, the type of business you have, and what your clients prefer. But, no matter which method you choose, make a point to stay in touch because, at some point, you can bet that potential clients will decide to move forward – and if you don’t get that work, someone else will.

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