One Contracting Lesson You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way


There are a lot of things in the California construction industry that are hard to learn without experience. That is, one of our instructors, or an experienced construction professional, can tell you all about something, but it isn’t until you go through it firsthand that you really understand.

There are some other issues that you really ought to try your hardest to avoid, though. And, as many of our graduates could tell you from their own experience, one lesson you don’t want to learn the hard way is to get the proper insurance when you start your company.

Although it might seem like a small detail when you’re first starting out, having the right kinds of insurance can be absolutely priceless when you need it most. Every day, small companies go out of business because something unexpected happens that they aren’t prepared for.

What sort of things can the right insurance protect you against? We could give you a list that is dozens of pages long, but here are a few of the most important situations:

Jobsite accidents. Accidents are part of life, and part of the construction industry. While we hope you’ll never be harmed or injured, having the right kind of insurance can be incredibly important if you are.

Costs associated with employee mistakes. When you run a successful contracting company, it isn’t just your work you have to oversee, but also that of your employees. If they make a costly mistake, insurance might be able to help you minimize the financial damage.

Customer claims and lawsuits. Regardless of whether or not you’re at fault, claims and lawsuits can put a big dent in your checking account (or even put you out of business altogether). The right kind of insurance can help protect you from these situations.

Temporary or permanent disability. Whether you are hurt on the job or off, disability protection can help provide for you and your family in the future in the event that an unexpected event makes it impossible for you to keep working.

Damage to your equipment, company automobile, or facility. Most contractors can’t afford to replace everything they own at once, so don’t take the chance. Insurance protection for work-related equipment, vehicles, etc., is an inexpensive, but incredibly important, safety net for your business.

As we’ve mentioned, this is by no means a complete list, but it should give you an idea of why insurance is so important to contractors everywhere. Click here to contact CSLS today and see how we help match students and graduates with insurers to get the protection they need.