What Your Office Says About Your Contracting Business

A group of contractors are sitting at a table with tools on it.

Not every Contractor has an office, but for those who choose to invest in either renting or buying a space, there are a couple things that you should be aware of to attract the type of clients and projects that you want.

Your office is an ideal place for you to display your certificates, degrees, awards or any other recognitions you have received. Most people know that the day to day on the job experience is not always sparkling clean or stylish, so this is an area in which you can communicate the refinement and sophistication of your work and business. An office space is ideal for taking meetings, giving proposals or providing consultations. That is why a neat, well ordered space with separate areas for work and meetings are ideal.

One simple investment that can communicate useful information about yourself to your clients is a book shelf behind your desk. Inside you can store all of your technical and reference books regarding your specialty or construction in general, this visual reference point to your education can be reassuring to potential clients. The bookshelf is also a convenient place to display family photos or tasteful objects relating to your hobbies or curious artifacts from worksites. Remember, this is not your man-cave so make sure any art on the walls or objects in sight of potential clients is inoffensive and professional.

Additionally, there are a few other amenities you can install which will help to make your office a productive place for your administrative work as well as a comfortable place for meetings. A simple mini fridge can be picked up quite cheaply, while allowing you the chance to be gracious, offering guests water or refreshments. Another small investment which can make this space feel more welcoming and light are some low maintenance indoor plants. Not only do they add color, but they help to purify the air and some scientists even suggest that being around plants will make you happier and more productive!

Being aware of your personal brand is an important first step in deciding what you want your office or any other aspect of your business to look and feel like. What kind of business person would you like to be seen as? At CSLS, we want to be a resource to all of our students even after they have earned their license, providing quality information and industry news so that your contracting business continues to grow and remain prosperous. If you found this helpful, be sure to forward it to a friend who might benefit from it as well!