Managing your Reputation to Get More Contracting Business

Two men with a contractor license shaking hands in front of a construction site.

If you have only recently started your contracting career, or even if you have been at it for years, one of the most important struggles within the construction industry is managing your reputation. Finding ways to drum up business and acquire new clients can be more difficult at the start, when your reputation and experience are limited, but there are completely FREE ways to attract more clients. Having a professional attitude at all times and asking for a referral and reviews goes a long way.  When you make an effort to provide a smooth and well-done contracting experience for your clients, you will find that they want to return the favor — often in the form of glowing reviews and referrals.

Here are some other quick tips for developing the right reputation:

-Make sure to show up at a job site with the right attitude. Listen to something funny or pleasant on the radio during your drive over if you need to.

-Be aware of your working environment, and the effect it has on clients, neighbors, etc. Things like loud music, swearing, and arguments will likely cost you future work and referrals.

-Only hire or work with other people who have the professional behavior and work ethic that you do. If you bring someone to a project who is rude, disrespectful, or unprofessional, it’s going to reflect badly on you.

-Carefully explain your work, project budgets, and details in your agreements with new customers. The last thing you want is for someone to be upset over a simple misunderstanding.

-Follow up on every project and make sure that your clients are satisfied with your work. This isn’t just good customer service, but also a great opportunity to gather testimonials and ask for referrals.

We encourage you to be the best contractor and business person you can be at CSLS. Our goal is to help you find the solutions that are specific to you and your business’s needs, even after you have graduated. If you want us to cover a certain topic, please comment below.