Managing Construction Projects Around Major Holidays

They happen several times a year, and they have the potential to really mess up your timelines. The holidays may be a time for making merry or getting together with family and friends, but you also want to be sure you can stick to your schedule for your contracting business projects. Here are a few tips you can use to improve time management around major celebrations, without having to sacrifice your own time off.

Put Holidays on the Schedule

There are tons of local and national holidays, and you may not celebrate all of them. When you are planning a project several weeks out, it can help to put the common holidays on your work calendar. Remember that there are specific days that you might not take off that your clients will. As you propose certain date ranges for a project, ask your potential customers to look at their calendars and determine if they see any possible conflicts. This will show that you respect their needs and minimize inconvenience or delays for you.

Plan Around Supplier Closures

Perhaps you intend to work straight through the holiday, or just take one day off and then get right back to the project. Before you assume that this will go accordingly, you should talk to your regular suppliers and find out their planned closures. Businesses take a variety of approaches when it comes to big celebrations. Some might only close for a day or two, or simply have shortened hours. Others could be closed for a week or more. Don’t count on them to notify you about their schedule. Start asking at least a few weeks early, so you can order your equipment and materials in advance.

Build in Extra Time

Like getting materials from your suppliers, it seems that everything takes longer around the holidays. Your employees want to take time off, and so do your favorite subcontractors. During the winter, daylight hours are short and weather can throw all kinds of problems into the mix. In the standard timelines you develop to show prospective clients, create a holiday edition that provides a few extra days (or weeks, depending on the size of the project). You might not need the time, but it’s better to come in early than finish late.

Provide Incentives for Employees

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as California’s own labor laws, you may not be required to provide holiday pay unless you list it as an employee benefit. You’re also not required to close your business on any day. However, there are many reasons to accommodate your employees around the holiday season. Workers who feel valued and respected are more likely to stay and work harder. A little incentive in the form of a bonus or paid time off could ensure that you can rely on these people for another year.

Keep on Top of Invoices

Nobody wants to receive a huge bill right before a big celebration, so time management here is key. Given the delays that happen when businesses have a lot of people taking time off, you can expect to wait longer to get paid for work you’ve done. You can only be so patient, since you have bills of your own to pay. In the last push before a holiday closure, take the extra time to send out all your invoices and get caught up on your own payments. This way, you will arrive on the other side with less stress from wondering when the money might come in.

When the holidays approach, the last thing you want is to find yourself stuck, unable to finish your projects. Planning ahead can prevent a lot of potential problems from happening in the first place. This time management can help you in other facets of your contracting business. To start on the path to becoming your own boss, contact us at CSLS today!