Is It Hard to Pass the California Licensed Contractors Exam?


A lot of new students and potential students come to CSLS with one specific question in mind: “is it hard to pass your exam to become a licensed California contractor?”

Of course, there isn’t any answer that will work for everyone. A lot depends on your professional background, confidence as a test-taker, and even your available study schedule. As a general rule of thumb, though, it isn’t incredibly difficult to get a passing score on your exam – as a school, we have a 99%+ first-time passing rate, so it’s definitely something you can do.

For a lot of the men and women who come to us, the key to passing the exam can really be broken down into four pieces:

1. Recognizing that preparation is everything. Passing your California licensed contractor exam isn’t something you actually do, but more of a process that ends up in a certain way. In other words, it’s all about the preparation, not the actual exam. By the time our students sit down to take their tests, they feel very ready for any kind of question that will be thrown at them; the hard work was already done in the classroom.

2. Turning weaknesses into strengths. Some students come to us afraid that nervousness will make it difficult to pass their exam, or that their math skills aren’t strong enough. In these cases, we recommend extra study or preparation in those areas (such as extra math practice, or time spent doing practice exams on our computers). Eventually, the thing they were afraid of becomes the area of the test that they are most comfortable with.

3. Having a plan for the program. As we have mentioned to so many students in the past, studying for your California licensed contractor exam isn’t something you want to do at the last minute. Instead, it’s better to follow a study plan and gradual process that gets you ready in stages. That doesn’t just make it easier to learn and memorize the information, but also increases your confidence at every step.

4. Putting the best resources on your side. Although there are other schools you can go to if you want to become a licensed California contractor, our 99%+ first-time passing rate speaks for itself. Students don’t just come to us because we have the best instructors, facilities, and learning materials, but because they want to put themselves in a position to succeed.


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