How to Be a Good Boss for Your Contracting Business

Running a contracting business means being your own boss, but it might also involve being a boss to others as well. If you want a successful business, you’ll need to refine your skills as a manager. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Get Honest Feedback
Before you are in a position to start hiring people, it’s a good idea to get feedback from family and friends about your management style. Even if you have never held a role as a supervisor or manager, you probably have certain tactics you think will work best when you are trying to lead others in completing a task. Motivating people effectively is a skill that not everyone is born with. Start by asking people you trust to tell you what you do well as a leader, as well as a few things that you need to work on. It will be easier hearing it from people you care about than getting that feedback from employees you don’t know very well.

Learn to Collaborate
If you decided to start a business because you are tired of collaborating with people, you should know that it isn’t an either/or situation. The ability to work with people, get their input and incorporate their suggestions into your ideas, is a thing you’ll be glad to have as a business owner. Once you get to the point of hiring a small team of people underneath you, it’s a good idea to recognize that you are all experts in different things. Collaboration with people that you can count on helps you to solve problems and think about your business practices in ways that you might not have otherwise.

Develop a Management Philosophy
When you start a business, you usually come up with a vision or a mission statement that helps guide your decisions for the business. As a manager and a business owner, you’ll also need a management philosophy. Try to avoid coming up with this on the fly, because that can make you more reactive. Imagine your ideal scenario—the working environment that you think would provide the maximum productivity and the least struggle. Start researching ways to achieve it, balancing it with other approaches that may work better with certain employees.

Hire Employees You Trust
You’ve probably had a boss who hovered over your shoulder and questioned your every move. You may have wondered, why does this person not trust me to do the work they hired me to do? Reactive management styles can trigger this type of micromanaging, and you’ll be better off if you can avoid it. A micromanager is so worried about control of the process that they make it harder for their employees to get work done. It’s better to spend more time coming up with a list of qualities you expect from employees than searching out people who meet those requirements.

Set Attainable Goals
Ambition is good to a point. You probably wouldn’t become a business owner if you didn’t have ambition, but it’s important that your goals are attainable. No one wants to dream the impossible dream if that means that they will work themselves and their employees into the ground trying to achieve it. Productivity experts say that setting goals that are a little bit of a stretch are more effective in motivating employees than setting lofty goals that almost no one can reach. After all, the prize at the end of the race is only worth trying to get if you think that you can get it.

Being a good boss helps you run a more successful contracting business. To learn more about becoming a licensed contractor, contact CSLS today!