How to Advertise on Company Vehicles

A blue and white truck adorned with a contractor license logo.

One of the realities of life as a working contractor is the need for spacious transportation for your team and tools. Many contractors take advantage of this by utilizing the space on their trucks and vans for advertising – increasing their visibility, adding to the appearance of professionality and attracting new business. Here are a few tips to maximize this advertising technique and a couple of pitfalls to avoid.

Quality should be a priority when it comes to signage, but this does not necessarily mean you need to break the bank on a custom paintjob. There are great looking magnetic and vinyl signs that can communicate your message without looking shoddy and cheap. One advantage of magnetic signs is that they can be moved around your vehicle to see where it gets the most attention, or you can buy three signs; one for the passenger, driver and rear. A handmade sign can be more damaging than no sign at all. It may unintentionally communicate a lack of care, skill and professionalism. Another key feature of quality as far as your sign is concerned is the amount of information you are trying to squeeze into it. You should keep in mind that the majority of the people who see your sign will only have a second or two to take in the information, so it should be bold, direct and easy to understand.

As mentioned before, professionalism is a primary goal of truck signage. If you or a team member is driving a company vehicle, especially with signage, you must take care to drive courteously and safely. A negative experience on the road can prompt someone who has never received your services to leave a bad review on Yelp or potentially even get you into legal trouble if the behaviour on the road warrants it. Secondly, it would be wise to keep political, religious statements and risque personal sense of humor removed from company vehicles. There is no reason to alienate potential clients on the basis of something that would likely never come up in your business relationship.  

Lastly, signage is a cost effective way of familiarizing people with your company. To this end it is wise to make the name of your company, your contact information, web address (if you have one) or facebook as easy to read as possible.  Beyond the sheer number of people you target with your signage while driving, you also specifically target neighbors and interested parties when parked outside of a project. If you have a fleet of company vehicles, wherever they all congregate will also generate interest.

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