How to Get the Most From Your CSLS Online Classes

Starting a career path that begins with a thorough education is both exciting and a little daunting. If you have been out of the school scene for many years, or if you are new to the idea of online education, you may need a little help to ease the transition. With these tips, you can make studying easier and more effective than you ever thought possible.

Find an Appropriate Study Space

When people take their first online classes, they often realize that learning online isn’t quite what they expected. Without a specific classroom to find, the temptation is to study just about anywhere. Of course, being able to study anywhere doesn’t mean you should study everywhere. The best approach to studying in an online setting is to find two or three places that provide you with the least distraction and enough comfort to allow you to really dig into the content you are learning. The ideal spot to take your online classes is clean, uncluttered, and has a comfortable seat with plenty of space to spread out books and papers.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

Any instructor can tell you that there is a unique difference between a student who is there because they feel like they have to, and a student who knows where they are headed. When you start on the path to becoming a licensed contractor, you should investigate the kinds of careers that you would like to pursue. You may not have to pick just one. This will help to guide your trade and certification choices, and give you an added focus during your studies. Be flexible enough that you can change your mind if you need to. A lot of people going through an education program might decide that a slight change in route is more appropriate. This process allows you to define the course that is ideal for your plans for the future.

Interact With Instructors

It should come as no surprise at all that the students who sit at the front of the class usually get to know the instructor much better than those who do not engage as much. This is harder in an online setting, although there are certainly several things you can do to draw your instructor’s attention in a positive manner. Knowing your instructor is the key to cementing a relationship that will help you get more out of the program. Before you start your class, take a few minutes to research the instructor’s background. If you get the opportunity, ask questions about the class in relation to your instructor’s experience. This minor investment will set you apart from the rest right at the beginning, and help you to feel more connected to the specific class you are taking.

Create Balance in Your Education

If you think about your experience in high school (or even college), you might reflect on the wide spectrum of experiences you had in different classes. One instructor may have made much more sense to you than another. This emphasizes the importance of balance in your education. Take advantage of all the supplemental materials, especially those that teach you additional practical skills such as writing or test-taking. When you vary the methods of learning, with different instructors and a combination of live seminars and online classes, you can have a better guarantee that you will retain the information that you need to know for your licensing exams.

Take Opportunities for Additional Study

Online learning is meant to be a tool, just like a brick-and-mortar classroom. The best education programs will help you achieve your goals using several different approaches, including in-person study opportunities, home study and online learning. At CSLS, our students have unlimited access to any of our 25 California locations, with staff study support. Come by to find out how our staff can give you the added support to help you succeed.

Getting your contractor’s license might be the key to finding the perfect career for you. It starts with an excellent education. If you follow this advice, you will discover ways to squeeze all the benefits from every online class you take.


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