Ensuring Your Contracting Business Employees’ Safety During COVID-19

While construction remains an essential service, you’re probably going to continue working on projects. That money isn’t going to earn itself, after all. But in this time of uncertainty, it’s common to feel worried or even panicked about what going to work could mean for your health. Here are a few things you should pay attention to, to help ensure that you and your employees can stay healthy while experts work to contain the virus.

Physical Health
Even people who are used to working straight through cold and flu season are beginning to show signs of strain. COVID-19 is a completely different virus, although the symptoms are similar. Paying attention to your employees’ physical health is the best way to ensure that you can keep projects going and minimize the likelihood that everybody will get sick. Even if you are buried in work at the moment, make sure that you allow plenty of time for everyone to take breaks, eat meals they bring from home, and work a reasonable day. Arming them with the tools they need to protect their own health helps to protect yours and your investment.

Work-Life Balance
The ability to balance work and everything else that is going on in your life is also completely different from the way you would normally tackle your spring. People who have young children who would ordinarily be in childcare or school are now trying to be productive at work while caring for the children at home. It isn’t always easy for people to find grandparents or other relatives to help, especially when people in those groups are at higher risk for contracting COVID-19 and suffering severe effects from the virus. This means that your employees may need to pick up a flexible schedule, or even find ways to do some of their work from home if possible.

Ability to Avoid Contracting COVID-19
Experts keep talking about flattening the curve, but what that means isn’t exactly tied to your own personal risk. The reason that states like California have implemented stay at home orders is that they are trying to avoid healthcare facilities becoming overwhelmed with the numbers of COVID-19 patients. If you and your employees do not contract the virus during the spring, you may still be at risk for getting it in the summer, fall or beyond. This means that you may need to keep following the practices you are using right now, such as:

Many experts say that COVID-19 will continue to be a threat until an effective vaccine is available, which may take more than a year. This is especially true in regions with heavy population density, like much of California.

Mental Health
Although mental illness is still heavily stigmatized in society, it is also shockingly common. A pandemic like COVID-19 is likely to bring out unmanageable feelings of anxiety in people. And since about one in five Americans have some form of an anxiety disorder, this means that you or one of your employees may need extra support at this time. The truth is that the things that can help somebody battling mental illness are often good for everyone, including workers who seem perfectly fine. Everyone shows stress in different ways. If you can pay attention to the way that stress is manifesting in your employees, especially noticeable changes to their behaviors or work patterns, you may be able to help them find solutions that can lower their stress. Taking the pressure off and recognizing that this is difficult for everyone may take a literal load off someone’s mind.

At this point, no one in California can be unaffected by COVID-19. Even your employees that seem like nothing fazes them are noticing some changes. If you can find ways to protect them, you’ll keep your business in better position for the recovery. To discover more benefits of starting your own contracting business, contact CSLS today!