Top 3 Reasons for “In-house” Employee Development

A group of construction workers with a contractor license holding a clipboard.

Many construction employees start out as entry level labor or as journeyman/ apprentice trade school graduates. As time goes on, they develop their skills either through on-the-job training or by paying for continuing education themselves. While these are both great options for career advancement, you as a contractor and business owner, can benefit by being a benefit to your employee’s advancement by providing “in-house” training or education reimbursement. As the old saw goes, “When you look after your business, your business looks after you” and your employees are a major part of your business whether you are a small handyman service or a multimillion dollar company. So here are the top 3 reasons to invest in your employee’s development.

You pick the programs – There are literally hundreds of training programs out there for a construction employee to look to for continuing education. Unfortunately, not all of them are comprehensive or thorough. By providing a continuing education option for your employees, you can pick and choose reputable programs that will give your workers the education and skills that you need, not a hodgepodge of random certifications that will keep a worker from advancing. Obviously, this will take a bit of research, but you know that the training they are receiving will benefit both of you. Just be sure that you don’t sacrifice quality for price.

Gratitude brings loyalty – Company loyalty often seems to be in short supply these days. It has become a quantifiable statistic that many people don’t feel that their employer doesn’t care about them. Leftover mentalities from the ‘80’s and ‘90’s “Secret of My Success” and “9 to 5” are still around today and can taint a company even when they have events and incentive programs. However, very little shows that a boss cares about his employee more than taking a vested interest in their career. When you bring a new hire in and show him that you will help him make a better life for himself and his family, you earn his gratitude, even if only on a subliminal level. As time goes on and his paycheck grows, that gratitude will mature into loyalty for the company and you will have an employee for life.

Your trainees become trainers – As time goes on and your newer workers advance in education and training, they become better trainers for the ones that come after them and since you picked the programs and schools they learned from, you know that they will train the skills that you want for your business. The cycle will continue and you will have to worry less and less about conflicting methods and techniques in the day-to-day workings on your projects. The older generations will train the younger in the same ways as they were taught; methods that you approved of leaving you to concentrate on getting that next big job.

When you pay attention to your employees, you send a signal to them that you do care. Giving the personal touch to each new hire will ensure that they are working the way you want, have the training you approve, and virtually guarantees that they will stay with you for a long time and work to the best of the company, not just themselves; a huge benefit to you both.