Doing Construction In California Versus Florida

Construction worker with a hard hat and tool belt standing at a building site.

Are you a California contractor moving to Florida? Or a Florida contractor packing up and heading West? Or maybe you’re in another state and wondering which of these two popular areas of the country is best for construction contractors?

We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll take a look at the basics for contractors looking to make the jump to Florida or California.

Contractor’s Licensing Requirements



Construction Climate and Environmental Considerations



Construction Costs Comparison



California vs. Florida: Pros and Cons

California Pros

California Cons

Florida Pros

Florida Cons

Can I Use My Florida Contractor License In California Or My California Contractor License in Florida?

Can You Use A California Contractor License in Florida?

If you are a contractor licensed in California, you can use your license to obtain a Florida contractor license under certain conditions:

Can You Use a Florida Contractor License in California?

Unfortunately, contractor licenses from other states, including Florida, are not transferable to California.

However, having a contractor license from another state may help you in obtaining your California license. You will still need to meet California’s licensing requirements, including passing the necessary exams and fulfilling the experience criteria.

It’s Your Responsibility To Stay Compliant

No matter your situation, both Florida and California are ripe with opportunities for contractors with the skill, will, and commitment to make it as a contractor in these high-income areas.

As always, making sure you’re staying compliant with the laws of each state is critical – it’s literally what allows you to do your job – and it’s your responsibility to stay legal. This article only covers the basics; head to the regulatory body of Florida or California if you want to get more serious about making this dream a reality.