Dog Days of Summer, or Career Opportunity?


We are definitely getting to that point in the year where people are starting to complain about the heat, and even use it as an excuse to sit around watching daytime television… but why not turn the dog days of summer into a new career opportunity?

We are talking, of course, about taking the first step toward becoming a licensed California contractor – enrolling for an online or in-person class at CSLS. Here are a few of the best reasons to come study with us during the summer months:

You truly can beat the heat in our classrooms. You’ll probably be looking for some way to get out of the heat anyway, if possible, so why not spend that time in one of our modern, air-conditioned classrooms? You’ll beat the heat and grow your career potential at the same time!

Taking a CSLS course is a great way to make friends and professional contacts. Studying to become a licensed contractor is a great way to network with other construction professionals in your area, as well as meet experienced instructors who can give you valuable insight. Whether you’re looking for some good advice, a bigger circle of friends, or just a better sense of the construction community, taking a class is a great way to find what you’re looking for.

It’s a much better way to spend the summer than the alternatives. For a lot of people – especially those who are just out of school, or have been in the construction industry for a few years – summer can be a slow time. Why waste those months hanging out, or earning low wages, when you could be taking a big step toward self-employment and more income?

And, of course, becoming a licensed contractor can literally be life-changing. If you visit our blog often, you already know that becoming a licensed California contractor can change almost every aspect of your life for the better. You can start your own company, set your own schedule, and decide your future on your own. What could be better than that?

If you’ve been thinking about taking a step forward in your career, why not use the heat as a good excuse? There is never a bad time to improve your life and make a little more money, so call us today and speak to one of our counselors (818)481.0310