Do You Know the Biggest Obstacle to a Successful Contracting Business?

If you were to ask CSLS students what they thought the biggest obstacle to successful contracting business might be, their answers would probably revolve around the economy, the challenges of finding good employees, or maybe even the competition they get from other contractors and construction companies.

These are all good answers, but there is an even tougher obstacle that’s usually in the way – ourselves.

Why are you your own biggest hurdle, when you so obviously want to succeed? Typically, we tend to be our own biggest enemies for a number of subtle reasons:

A fear of success or failure. Sometimes, the fear of feeling something can be so paralyzing that we fail to take action in the first place, or set goals for ourselves that are much lower than we really deserve. Alternatively, psychologists say that many people are afraid of success, feeling on some level that they either don’t deserve it can achieve it. Make sure that neither belief holds you back.

A tendency to procrastinate. The idea that you’ll do something “later” is the basis for an unfulfilled life. Learn to become an action-oriented person, rather than putting things off, and the small steps you take towards achieving your dreams will start to add up – and eventually pay off.

A lack of commitment to success. Likewise, success in the California construction industry is like any other kind of success: it’s going to require some hard work and sacrifices. If you aren’t truly committed to making it happen for you and willing to give up a little bit of your time when necessary, then you will probably struggle to realize your dreams of being successful.

A reluctance to change the way we do things. As you go throughout your career, you’ll probably develop habits and established business practices. But, times change and the best professionals learn to change along with them.

The bad news is that these issues and shortcomings affect even the best professionals in almost every field. The good news? You can overcome any of them with a little bit of conscious effort. In fact, if you can learn to master your own challenges, the other issues you’ll face in business probably won’t seem so tough!

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