A Creative Way to Advertise Every Morning as a Contractor

A woman is holding a cup of coffee in front of a coffee machine.

Without clients there are no opportunities to do the quality work which will build your reputation and income. That is why finding inventive ways to get your name out there is something that all contractors have to think about. Let us tell you one more creative way of doing this at little cost.

How many people do you know who buy a coffee every morning? It stands to reason that of those coffee lovers, there are people who will need or are already actively looking for a trustworthy, professional contractor! (Like You!) You can target this crowd to generate leads in a way that is cost effective and with disruptive results by providing branded hot cup sleeves for your favorite local coffee shop. At merely pennies you can afford to give these away, saving the store manager the trouble of ordering more and the cost of shipping.

These sleeves will behave exactly like a business card, which means that you should include important pieces of information about your contracting business like your logo, business name, website address, and phone number. If there is space on the sleeve, a very short list of services could also be worthwhile. One of the best things about this strategy is that it’s a small investment of time and money that will work for you while you take care of your business; someone is literally handing these out FOR YOU. The second is that, while a customer may not have needed your services, they may see your information and be reminded of a friend or family member who does, helping to spread the word.

Here at CSLS, we encourage you to think outside the box. Whether it is to bring in new clients or manage common setbacks, we want to help you find the solutions that are specific to you and your business’s needs. As always, we hope this has been useful and if you think it could help someone you know, please share it with them. Stay tuned for more blogs every week!