Consistency is key in Marketing for Contractors

A man in an orange hard hat, possibly a contractor, using a laptop.

While it is probably safe to assume that it was not an abiding love of marketing which drew you to contracting, as a consumer you are already primed to understand the value of a strong, consistent branding effort. Think of any highly visible company and it is likely that you will be able to throw out a few words about their brand identity and take a fairly decent stab at drawing their logo as well. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing everything in your power to promote the recognizability of your company, and this means ensuring that your logo is on all of your marketing materials, as well as finding direct, concise ways of expressing what your company stands for, then placing this message front and center.

To this end, you can further promote the consistency and visibility of your brand by investing in uniforms for your employees and having your company logo and contact information on your trucks. This serves two function; it eliminates the potential of your employees wearing anything that could be perceived as less than savory in from your clientele while simultaneously clearly identifying your workers as they enter in and out of their homes. All the while, your vehicles and equipment will clearly advertise your company and announce your presence to passersby.

Lastly, it is important to view marketing as an on-going effort, not just for drumming up business when leads are slow. Your brand is what the world sees of you before they can have any perceptions verified by personal experience, so tending to it and course correcting is key to opening up a more predictable stream of business than word-of-mouth, which naturally ebbs and flows. This means that when you’re booked to capacity and cannot take more clients for long stretches of time that you still respond to requests and provide tentative dates for when your work could begin with prospective clients. It means providing a platform for satisfied customers to leave reviews. There is no substitute for reliability in generating reliable leads for work. For more insights into marketing for the contracting industry, as always, keep your eye on CSLS and this blog for a steady stream of tips and tricks.