Can You Still Work While Studying to Become a Licensed California Contractor?


Does studying for your California licensed contractor exam have to mean giving up your current job, or taking lots of time off? This is a big concern for a lot of construction professionals who come to us, especially if they have families who are counting on them to earn income.

The short answer is that you absolutely do not have to stop working to attend our school. Many of our students keep working regular hours while attending classes, and in fact this can be a better approach than trying to learn everything at once. And, contrary to popular belief, the amount of studying needed isn’t so overwhelming that you’ll have to concentrate on it day and night.

Here are a few other things to take into consideration:

Becoming a licensed contractor might not be the huge time commitment you think it is. As we mentioned, many new students come to us with the idea that becoming a licensed contractor will involve “nonstop studying.” That just isn’t true for most people. A couple of hours a day is often enough, and classes tend to be over before you know it.

Often, new students can make programs work by temporarily sacrificing a few of their leisure hours. In other words, you don’t necessarily have to skip work to become a licensed contractor – but you might have to miss watching some of your favorite TV shows for a couple of months and catch up on them later. That’s a trade-off most students are willing to make if it means a brighter future, and a higher income, as a self-employed contractor.

CSLS has different types of classes, and schedules, for every student. With online, in-class, and self-study options, we have programs that can work for virtually any schedule, student, and budget. Talk to our team about your needs, and we can make some recommendations that can meet them.

Financial aid is available to make your courses more affordable. We can even make things as easy on your bank account as they are on your schedule. With lots of different payment options and financial aid packages, you can become a licensed contractor without worrying about how to pay your bills while you go to school.

Want to learn more about becoming a licensed construction contractor in California? Contact CSLS today and let us answer any questions you might have.