California Landscaping Laws to Keep in Mind in 2024

As we dig into another year, it’s good to check in with the state and federal landscaping laws that keep contractors and their clients safe from project to project.

It’s important to remember that local ordinances and special permitting for landscaping are often city or neighborhood-specific.

So after reviewing these broad strokes, check with the authorities who govern the area where your specific worksite is located to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

Licensing Requirements

Gavin Newsom’s “Green Lawn Care” Law – Assembly Bill No. 1346

Water-Efficient Landscaping

Irrigation Regulations

Pesticide and Herbicide Use

Erosion Control and Stormwater Management

Protected Species and Habitats

Noise Ordinances

A Reminder For Landscaping Contractors

Depending on the region, scope, and scale of your landscaping projects you may have to secure certain permits and approvals to complete your work.

These may include grading permits, tree removal permits, or permits for outdoor structures like decks and patios. The rules surrounding all this are very local. It’s your responsibility to know these codes and keep up with any changes.

The process for renewing your C-27 License and keeping up with continuing education should keep you in the loop on what you need to know as laws change.