7 Tips For Hiring New Employees For Your Contracting Business

A group of construction workers, all holding their contractor licenses, posing for a photo.

In order to take on bigger jobs or have multiple ongoing projects you will have to expand your team. It is a pivotal step in growing your business. As you already know, your employees are your representatives in your absence and their quality of work, behavior and integrity will in large part contribute to your success or failure. For these reasons and more, it will be of great benefit to you if you hone your skills as an interviewer. At CSLS we know that a company is only good as its people, so we have compiled a list of 7 tips to get the best new hires for your contracting business.

  • Speak With Other Business Owners – Other contractors, specifically, have positions within their organization which are similar to yours. Your peers have gone through the same process of onboarding and can give you valuable advice on traits to look out for in the role you need or may even have referrals.
  • Take Personality Into Account – More than job history or qualifications, your new hire’s personality will dictate how well they will be able to collaborate and function within your company culture. Underestimating the extent to which this can affect productivity can become a serious problem. The job itself is your best indicator of the type of personality which lends itself to the position. For example, an interviewee who cannot maintain eye contact is likely not a good fit for a foreman or any role which requires a lot of face to face interaction.
  • Allow Time For Questions – Leaving time at the end of your interview process for questions from potential new hires will grant you the opportunity of previewing their concerns and priorities as well as offer you the chance to gauge their level of interest and engagement. A good fit will ultimately be best for both you and your employee, so allowing them a forum to get honest answers can save everyone’s time and money.
  • Look For Detailed Answers – When asking about past work experience or special qualifications, continue with follow-ups until you receive thoughtful answers about their specific value to you and past employers. Why are they uniquely equipped to excel at the duties of this position? You should be doing the least amount of talking of anyone in this process; the more information an interviewee offers the more you have to base your decisions on.
  • Have a Co-Interviewer – It can be extremely helpful to interview in tandem with another professional whose opinion you respect. Having another set of eyes to catch red flags or hidden gems and validate gut feelings can make difficult decisions a little less difficult.
  • Scope Out Their Social Media – Not everyone is on social media, but the numbers are growing everyday. Looking into the online behaviour of a potential new hire can give you a glimpse of a less audited personality, interests and possibly troubling behaviours or affiliations. You can be very nearly certain that the off-hours personality of an employee will become more evident with time; time which could have been spent training and paying a more appropriate hire, which is why catching problems on social media is a must on this list.
  • Create a Scorecard – Having an objective set of standards by which you can judge all your applicants can help to ease a struggle based on similar or equally likable personalities. Comparing this set of information will be a great guide to assist your intuition and serve as a useful reminder of specific points within each interview, acting as a reference point that can be especially useful if you are interviewing many people.

Well, that’s it! We hope that this list will be of value to you as your business continues to grow. CSLS is interested in much more than preparing our students for their licensing exams, we try to be of service for years to come, offering up our experience to guide students in this rewarding and challenging career. Stay tuned for more blogs and share with whomever would find this helpful.