5 Ways to Get Your Mind Ready for Studying for the Contractor Licensing Exam

Studying for the contractor licensing exam is a unique process. It might be the first big test you’ve had to take since you got out of school. That makes studying much more important, especially since you need the license to further your career. Here are five ways to ensure that your mind is in the perfect place for studying.

Create a Study Ritual
Lots of people need rituals in order to get stuff done, and you might be the same. If you look at your regular day, you will notice that you have a variety of rituals that help you shift from one task to another. When you wake up, you might sit up, spend a few minutes on your phone, and then shift to standing and getting ready. At the end of the day, you have wind-down rituals that help you settle for sleep.

Study rituals are similar. Choose a couple simple tasks that relate specifically to studying, like getting yourself a cold beverage and collecting your writing implements to take to your study space. Performing this ritual consistently every time will talk your brain into getting ready for studying, even if you don’t feel like you’re in the mood for it.

Minimize Mental Clutter
Some people struggle to get into the right mindset for studying because they have too much mental clutter. Mental clutter can take a variety of forms, from worries about your day to hunger or sleepiness. If you’re too busy thinking about other tasks or problems to focus on your studies, try to do things before studying that help to clear your mind. For example, you might go for a quick run or take a short nap. The ability to distract yourself from other cares may empty your mind enough that it is easier to fill it with facts from your studies.

Set Goals for the Day
For the first part of your studying time, write down some goals that you would like to accomplish. It’s wise to break them down into achievable pieces, especially if you lose motivation quickly. Make a list of concepts that you would like to research, but be wary of spending too much time outlining expectations. It’s all right to stretch your abilities, but make sure that you’re not setting goals that are too difficult to reach. Being able to check items off your list will give you a positive response that makes it easier to keep going.

Start Positively
If you have a habit of procrastinating or getting distracted, it can be really destructive to start by berating yourself for these problems. A lot of people have trouble getting into a task, particularly if the work comes on top of a daily job and other responsibilities. Occasional low productivity on a specific task isn’t a sign of bad character. Instead, start with a positive attitude about what you are doing and how you are working hard to improve. Spend more time thinking about what you can get done and what you have done, rather than what you weren’t able to accomplish.

Enjoy Your Breaks
In a lot of cases, the way that you stop a study session is just as important as the way that you begin. It is easy to be critical of your need for downtime or breaks between study sessions. The assumption that you are only doing well when you are being immediately productive can be really toxic and counterproductive. Taking breaks is an important part of refreshing yourself, which makes it easier to sit down and focus on a specific task. If you feel like the work is never done, you’re less likely to commit to doing it fully. When you take a break, make sure that you enjoy it. Do something that is important to you that will make you feel better, physically and mentally. You’ll begin to associate the studying process with positive effects, which can be their own reward and motivation.

Sometimes it’s hard to talk your brain into studying, but it’s well worth the effort. For more information about what you’ll need to pass the contractor licensing exam, contact CSLS today!