5 Ways to Get More From Your Study Time

Although lots of different types of people decide to become California State licensed contractors, one thing that many of them have in common is that they never enjoyed sitting through long classes in high school or college. That’s understandable – the construction industry tends to attract people who would rather be doing things than reading about them. In fact, most of them are more than happy to leave their classroom days behind when they graduate.

Given that, it isn’t surprising that many dread the process of studying for, and eventually taking, their licensed contractor’s exam. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be nearly as bad as you might think. Here are five of our best tips for getting more out of your study time and boosting your chances of passing your test:

1. Study in increments, not all at once. Although lots of people like to “cram” for exams (or at least are in the habit of trying to do it), it’s not an efficient way to learn. Your brain is designed to learn through continuous repetition, not all-night studying.

2. Take away as many distractions as possible. Studying with the television or radio on in the background, for example, might be more relaxing, but it’s also less efficient. Try to keep things calm and quiet while you look over your study material.

3. Move at your own pace. Don’t worry about skipping ahead or moving quickly through your material. Instead, make sure you know the basics thoroughly before moving on to other sections.

4. Consider using a study group. Sometimes, having others around can make it easier to reflect on ideas and make studying less boring. Just be sure to choose study partners who are helping you learn, not just giving you someone to talk to.

5. Be sure to make practice tests part of your routine. Practice tests are great because they don’t just tell you whether you’re learning the material and not, but also help you get more comfortable answering the kinds of questions you’ll have to deal with on your exam.

If you’re serious about passing your California state contractor’s license exam and want to give yourself the best possible chance, then check out our list of upcoming CSLS online, self-study, and in-class programs – our 99% first-time passing rate speaks for itself!