5 Tips to Communicate Better With Contracting Clients

Two men with contractor license shaking hands in a room with wood framing.

A successful contracting business relies heavily on the probability that they will win the trust and faith of their potential contracting clients on a consistent basis. Without this, there is no job, no income and no happy clients to rave about your quality work to their friends. The easiest way to ensure that you make the kind of impression that you want is to make communication as easy, clear and helpful as possible. Look below for five tips to improve your dialogue.

  1. When your clients can clearly envision the end product of their renovation you build enthusiasm and support. To this end, technology can be very helpful at visualizing a proposition. You can also use the ever-growing repertoire of technologies and construction tools available to make your work more efficient and remain competitive.
  2. Demonstrate your skill and experience in similar projects early on. Describing your successful work is a great way to establish yourself as a credible provider of the service your client needs, increasing the likelihood that they will hire you for the job.
  3. You add incredible value in your knowledge of construction techniques and materials, but strive to use as little industry terminology as possible. Your clients are likely unfamiliar with the lingo which can make them feel ill at ease or cause misunderstandings. The better grasp they have of your ideas and projects the more they can comfortably approve of them.
  4. Things can become bungled and confusing when there are too many points of contact between you and your client. To reduce any possible redundancy or faulty second hand information, be sure to have only one decision maker on each side of the fence. In this way it is always known with whom a message should be left.
  5. As early as possible, establish when your client’s preferred time to be contacted is and create a schedule for updates and relevant information about all projects in progress. This is one of the most important communication skills in your tool bag, because it helps to foster trust that your deadlines and the client’s input is heard and valued. Each client will have different preferences concerning how many updates they receive, but over the course of your work you will discover what it is while building rapport and winning their confidence.

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