5 Tips for Managing Big California Construction Projects


If it hasn’t happened already, we can assure you that there will probably come a time in your career as a California licensed contractor that you’ll want to bid on a very large project. And when you get it, you’ll quickly discover two things: first, that it’s a great feeling, and second, that you might suddenly start to wonder if you’re in over your head.

To help relieve that second feeling and make your first few big projects into profitable successes, here are our top five tips for managing and executing a big construction job:

1. Plan meticulously. The easiest way to fight nervousness (and to prevent unexpected emergencies) is to have a detailed plan for the project. Put down hours, dates, materials, and any other factors you can think of into a detailed spreadsheet or flowchart. That way, you can always stay on top of the things that matter most.

2. Get the right advice. If you really want great advice, talk to someone who has been there before. Specifically, seek out a contractor who has worked on similar types of projects, or maybe one who has dealt with the client or project site in the past. They can tell you what matters, and what to look out for.

3. Break the big pieces into little steps. Almost any construction project can seem overwhelming if you’re looking at the whole thing at once, and that’s especially true for one that’s bigger than any you’ve done in the past. So, break down each section into smaller steps, and start finishing them one at a time

4. Leave wiggle room in your budget and itineraries. As we have noted in the past, having a little bit of wiggle room in your schedule and finances can be a very good thing. That’s advice that’s twice as valuable when you’re facing big deadlines with lots of money at stake.

5. Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. As great as it is to work on a huge project, don’t bid on one if you aren’t sure you’re ready. The last thing you want is a poor reputation for sloppy work or missed deadlines that might stop you from getting other big projects in the future

If you’ve already been through our programs, then we know you have what it takes to be successful. So, take a deep breath, enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with being awarded a great project, and then get to work!

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