5 Things That Can Make You a Successful CSLS Student

Authentic Construction Worker

Occasionally, new potential students will meet with a member of the CSLS team and wonder if they have what it takes to succeed at our school and become a licensed California contractor. In almost every case, the fact that they’ve had enough drive and ambition to visit with us in the first place tells us that they have the skills they need to make it through their exam and in the construction industry.

Going a little bit deeper, though, there are five things that we have noticed can make our students more successful at our school:

1. The right attitude. The best students come in prepared to do a little bit of hard work, have some fun, and prepare themselves for the future. In other words, they plan for the best and know that they’ll be willing to make small sacrifices in order to improve their lives and careers.

2. Support from their friends, employers, and loved ones. Naturally, you’ll be the one taking the courses and exams, but things are a lot easier if you have the support of those who are most important in your life. They can help you make the time you need to study, set the right priorities, and even encourage you to keep going forward when it seems easier to give up.

3. A consistent study routine. A lot of students come out of high school with bad study habits, essentially having gotten used to looking at books at the absolute last minute. Although we do offer a “crash course” for last-minute review, passing your exams is much easier if you break study sessions into small daily blocks, instead of trying to do them all at once.

4. A willingness to take a full-length California contractor’s exam course. Along the same lines, it’s easier to learn the material for your California contractor’s exam over time, instead of trying to figure out everything you need to know in a couple of short weeks.

5. A vision for their future. The easiest way to motivate yourself to study when you have to is by remembering that, once you’re all done, a better future is waiting for you. The more clearly you can envision that future, the easier it will be to stay focused through your classes.

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a licensed contractor and possibly even starting your own business, you probably have the tools you need to succeed at CSLS. Why not click here now to see our upcoming online and in-class courses that can help you reach your dream?