5 Branding Tips for Your Contracting Business

When you start your contracting business, you’ll begin to build a brand for yourself. Branding is really important because it shows the world the kind of business you run. It also describes what people can expect when they work with you. Follow these five branding tips to help put your business in the best position.

Search for Your Business Name
There’s an old adage about there being nothing new under the sun. And in that vein, it’s important to do a search for your business name before you finalize your choice. Of course, you can minimize a lot of problems by naming your business after yourself. But that is more likely to work if you have an uncommon name. Do a few different types of searches to see who else has chosen to name their business identically to yours. You might find nothing, which could be an indicator that you have made a good choice. On the other hand, you might find a strong competitor or a business that you don’t want to associate with. It’s hard to find something that is totally unique, but it is worth trying to set yourself apart from the rest.

Pick Your Company Values
When people first start a business, they may confuse branding and reputation. Reputation is what your business is known for. By comparison, branding is what you want your company to be known for. If your business is brand-new, you have the ability to influence the reputation that you build. You’ll do a better job of it if you can be deliberate about it at the outset. Select a few values that you would like to make the focus of your company, such as:

Make sure that the values you choose are sustainable and relatively simple to establish. You may want to avoid superlatives like “best response time” or “lowest prices.” Those can be easy to disprove.

Set Up Online Accounts
Once you have a company name and some sense for the way you want people to see you, it’s time to set up some online accounts. When you build a website, you’ll typically look for a domain name that is your company name or something similar enough, if your company name is already taken. When you consider establishing social media accounts, keep in mind that choosing not to set one up doesn’t necessarily allow you to bypass having a presence on that platform. For example, sites that publish reviews, like Facebook or Yelp, allow customers to create default pages for businesses. You’ll be much better off if your company has pages that you control.

Test Out Logos and Slogans
If you’ve ever seen a logo or a slogan that was hilariously bad, you understand the need to test out your branding before you put it everywhere. If you can’t hire a marketing company to produce images and run focus groups, you can easily ask friends or family members to give it a second look. Sometimes, a weird font or the placement of certain words can completely obscure what you’re trying to say. Extra investment into the creation of products you can use will pay off when you don’t have to hurriedly fix them down the line.

Keep Your Branding Consistent
As you start to build a brand for your contracting business, it’s important to keep it consistent. One reason that many construction professionals choose to name their companies after something other than themselves is privacy. When your contracting business is named after you, it’s harder to separate your personal life from your business. If you spend a lot of time online, particularly on social media, you should keep in mind that your presence there may reflect on your business, whether you want it to or not.

Establishing a great brand for your contracting business can make it easier to succeed. For the right grounding to prepare you for the contractor licensing exam, contact CSLS today!