5 Affordable Marketing Tools For Contractors

A man, with a contractor license, in a hard hat working on a laptop.

Not everyone has huge, disposable income after the overhead costs of running their contractor business, but with a little budgeting and some ingenuity, marketing will become your best friend in the pursuit of your target audience, paying out hand-over-fist in relationship to its expense.

The wonderful thing about guerilla marketing, or marketing techniques that are not common in your field, is that they capture the attention of your prospective customers by reaching them where they are less likely to have their guards up and often at a lower cost than more traditional platforms. So, without further ado, here are 5 Affordable Marketing Tools for Contractors!

Commission a smooth voiceover actor to narrate a video of your completed projects and star employees, explaining your unique value. You can also use this route for a professional sounding voice message connected to your company phone.

Advertise in chalk! Outside of major construction projects, home improvement stores or anywhere that is relevant to your services, you can get the attention of the people who need your expertise by writing your website or telephone number in chalk. For extra eye-grabbing power you can couple this with an illustration of something iconic or representative of your work!

Free business networking events. You can find events like these all over the state and in the city that you work. These events offer the opportunity to cross-pollinate and mutually benefit from the services of other business, generate leads and form partnerships that can open unexpected possibilities down the line. This is a prime time to invest in high-quality business cards!

How-to content.  Your skills are valuable! A fantastic way to demonstrate your knowledgeable brand is to provide a “freemium” to your DIY consumers in the form of how-to videos, articles and blogs. For instance, teaching the average audience how to hang pictures, fix a leaky faucet, or paint a room provides honest-to-goodness value while simultaneously promoting your company.

Create an email newsletter. Sending out offers once a month accomplishes quite a bit for the amount of work that it requires. This simple act reminds old customers of your business and generates interests in discounted services that they might otherwise have been on the fence about.

Set up a Joint Marketing Venture. Partnering with another business owner in a similar field (that is not in direct competition with you) and constructing engaging content targeted at your ideal audience can be a valuable tactic in expanding leads. Referrals from other contracting and construction professionals outside of your specialty is a wonderful thing to have working for you!

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