4 Tips to Promote The Safety of Children at Project Sites

Children are naturally curious. They love to play and explore things that are peculiar or exciting, and when you have an active project site at a school, park or private residence in which small children are present, there are several precautions you should take to help keep them safe. Administrators or home owners will also have to coordinate with you for the best possible plans to be laid, establishing rules and taking on the role of supervision.


End of Day Walk-Through- One very effective way of reducing the risk of unintentional harm coming to children in the vicinity of your project is to institute an end of day walk-through as a part of the routine that your team must complete. If anything is out or accessible that shouldn’t be, this provides a chance of catching the mistake and putting away the dangerous item.


Safely Contain Waste- Trash piles commonly contain nails, toxic materials and other harmful substances that can easily cause injuries if they are not properly contained. Having waste bins or any other type of containment is enormously helpful because stray pieces will not fly away. They will also be less likely to catch the eye of a curious child than all the strange looking garbage laid out over a build site. Bins and containers should be labeled as hazardous as well.


Fencing/Barricades- Ditches or any other kind of excavation should be fenced off while not actively being worked on. This can prevent serious injury from a fall, especially at night. However, fencing can be very useful for any area with hazardous or dangerous materials that cannot be put away or stowed at the end of work days. That small barrier can be enough to deter a child from poking around. Fences are most effective at about 6 feet or higher.


Post Emergency Numbers- An easily visible list of emergency numbers can be posted to help manage a crisis and reduce damage in the event of an accident. You can also reach out to the local fire department, police station, neighborhood watch and/or community center for further tips and ideas to help keep everyone safe while you are doing the work you love.


As a contractor, dealing with potentially dangerous situations is just another day on the job. By taking a little extra care you can help to keep yourself, your clients and local residents safer than they would be otherwise.
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