CDPH – Lead Abatement – Supervisor Level

CDPH – Cal/OSHA Lead in Construction Standard – Supplemental Supervision and Project Monitoring Course

The California Department of Public Health requires all supervisors to become Lead Certified for public protection and to avoid fines. It is a legal requirement for those that intend to remove lead related contaminants like lead paint, lead dust and lead soil as part of the construction project that they be under the direction of a Certified Supervisor.

Course Objective:

This course is for those who already possess a Lead-Related Construction Worker level certification (24 or 32 hours) from the State of California. Individuals who meet this prerequisite, and are interested in becoming a Lead Supervisor or Project Mintor, are eligible to take this 16-Hour Supervisor level course to fulfill training requirements. This course is designed to further the education of a Lead-Related Construction Worker.

Who needs to be certified?

The Lead in Construction Standard Certification is for those who plan to direct and supervise lead related activities.

Certification Highlights:

  • Certified workers can work under a Supervisor
  • Earn more income by participating in construction jobs that can quickly turn into lead safety jobs
  • Increase contract value by having intellectual knowledge of lead hazards

Students will receive:

  • 16 Hours of Live Training
  • 80 page Study/Class Materials Binder
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Final Exam Through 3rd Party

Important Note: This CDPH Lead in Construction Standard does not eliminate the legal requirement for EPA-RRP lead safety certification (or vise versa). California construction workers are encouraged to obtain both certifications to ensure total Lead Safety compliance.

Tuition: $345

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