4 Reasons to Continue Your Education with CSLS

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Former students and current contractors aren’t always eager to go back to the classroom for a seminar or new training, but a quick Google search of the world’s most prominent business leaders, best-selling authors and professionals will make one thing clear: they continuously add to their skills and education.

That’s why we have made a shortlist of the 4 best reasons to look into one our Specialty Seminars this Spring!

    1. 1. You can learn new skills. The more you know as a licensed California contractor, the more projects you’re able to take on, and the better work you can do for your clients. Becoming more skilled is always a great way to be more marketable and professional in your work.


    1. 2. You can meet interesting people and colleagues. Networking has always been a great way to meet new customers, get exposed to new ideas, and just bounce opinions off of others in your industry. By coming to CSLS to take continuing education classes, you make it possible to meet other construction professionals who are just as committed as you are.


    1. 3. You can expand your base of knowledge. Sometimes, it isn’t so much about which work you know how to do, as much as it is what you know about the construction industry in general. For example, it could be helpful to know about solar panels and installation, even if you don’t work with them directly. The same goes for blueprint reading and other skills. It never hurts to expand your horizons a bit.


  1. 4. And finally, you can make more money. When you put the rest of these together, it isn’t hard to see that you can earn more money when you have more knowledge. More marketable contractors who have a lot of different specialties and technical skills are always in demand, so getting more education is a great way to increase your income as a contractor.

We know it can be hard to make time for continuing your education, but we promise that it will be worth the small amount of time and money you’ll spend. Why not look at our current promotions today and see how you can grow your career in 2016?