Contractor Business Management Basics – Webinar

Should You Incorporate Your Contracting Business?

This is a question almost every CSLS student or graduate asks themselves at some point or another. That’s because incorporating your California contracting business brings a lot of important benefits, like specialized tax treatment, personal protection from lawsuits, and even the ability to take on other partners and investors to form your corporation.

But, does that mean you should incorporate? Are there any reasons not to incorporate? And if you wanted to turn your business into a corporation, what type would you choose… and how would you begin?

Our new “Forming Your Contractor’s Business” class is designed to help you get the answers you need. Full of real-world information and packed into a quick 60-minute session, it’s ideal for any licensed contractor who is thinking about growing their business, or taking the next step.

In the short course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with the process of turning your business into a corporation, like:

  • The definition of a corporation
  • How a corporation differs from sole proprietorship
  • The different types of corporations (including LLCs and S corporations)
  • Major benefits and drawbacks to incorporating your company
  • The steps you need to take to form a corporation
  • What you have to do differently to operate a Corporation
  • The basics of corporate tax reporting
  • A new corporation checklist

Whether you are an established contractor who is thinking of forming a corporation, or a CSLS student getting ready to enter the business world on your own, this short class has valuable information that can help you set up your business legally and profitably. Don’t miss this chance to find out whether incorporation is right for you and your future.

Tuition: $49

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