March is here – let’s bring on the madness.  While the top 68 college basketball teams gear up for the biggest tournament in college sports, CSLS is preparing to make your March a real slam dunk.

We’re bundling our best study materials, classes, and services for a March win like no other.  It’s time to wake up your profession, get off the bench, and get in the game.  Jumpstart your career, grow your business, and earn more revenue this spring with the package below for $845 (a value over $1,750 dollars).  

Hurry up, there’s not much time on the clock.  5…4…3…2…1

Available for General A, B and all 43 trades!

Study Materials:

  • CSLS Law & Business Materials Binder
  • Trade Specific Materials Binder
  • Audio CD for Law & Business
  • Construction Math Review DVD with 24 page manual
  • Health & Safety DVD (Includes Textbook)
  • Online Trade-Specific Practice Exams (90 Days)
  • Online Law & Business Practice Exams (90 Days)


  • 4 Evening Law and Business Classes
  • 1-Full Day Law and Business Review (General Knowledge)
  • 1-Day Instructor Supported Trade Self Study + Basic Math Review
  • 1-Seminar : Forming Your Contractor Business
  • 1-Day Construction Math Review

Services Included:

  • Unlimited Use of Our Schools – 25 Locations in California (staff study support)
  • Application Preparation and Review


  • Free Shipping to Any of Our 25 Locations
  • 100% Tuition Money-Back Guarantee

With our help, you’ll pass on your first try… even if tests aren’t your thing. (800) 481-0310

*Offer valid until 11:59pm Pacific, March 31st

March Madness

Total value: $1767

NOW ONLY: $845.00

(You Save: $922)

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