Is Construction the Right Career for You? 5 Ways to Tell

There’s been a lot of discussion in the news and in politics about the importance of getting more people working in skilled trades, many of which are in the construction industry. If you like the idea of reliable income, plus lots of options for upward movement, it’s not hard to see why construction is becoming such a popular path. Here are several ways that you can tell you are ready for a career in this varied and fast-paced industry.

  1. You’ve Always Wanted to Run Your Own Business

Running your own business is a popular idea for people of any age. It’s becoming more important now than ever, especially as businesses look at the gig economy as a way to get expert labor without the complication of a formal employee relationship. Construction was built to thrive in this kind of economy. Whether you want to be a one-person team that contracts or subcontracts to others, this industry gives you more freedom than most.

  1. You Love Working With Your Hands

Decades of emphasizing how great it is to work in an office behind a desk has created all kinds of health problems for people. By comparison, construction gives you the ability to work outside and the understanding that you have created something using materials and your own know-how. People pay thousands of dollars a year to do as hobbies what you can do as a lifelong career. As long as you’re paying attention to safe practices, you can stay in better physical condition as you do it.

  1. You Like Thinking on Your Feet

Almost any kind of construction job involves technology. Especially these days, when the labor shortage forces businesses to find new ways to innovate. Whether you’re refining a design for a 3-D printer or using drones to get more information about a particular aspect of the project, you need to be able to think and act quickly. In many construction jobs, lives depend on your ability to know just what to do and carry it out with precision. If you love being a member of a team of quick-thinking experts who create the world we live in, construction’s an excellent choice.

  1. You’re Excited About Future Possibilities

A lot of industries have a predictable career path that you can expect to follow from bottom to top. With construction, the sky’s the limit. Although the growth of most fields isn’t necessarily linear, you can expect a lot of variety and tons of options throughout your career. Great pay, long-term job security and benefits aren’t just for managers here. You can build a career doing what you love and keep succeeding at it until you’re ready to retire.

  1. You’re Ready to Start Now

The labor shortage in construction is going to continue to be a problem until the massive backlog of building ebbs, especially in California. The industry needs interested candidates who are willing to commit to learning a skilled trade in exchange for good pay, benefits and lots of flexibility. If you’ve been working a job that’s going nowhere and wish you could find something that could offer you a real future, construction might be just what you need. The sooner you take the plunge, the sooner you can reap the rewards.