Why You Can’t Skimp on Quality

A man and woman wearing hard hats are inspecting blueprints as part of their contractor work.

Because the team of CSLS instructors is made up of experienced industry professionals, we try to sprinkle in a lot of practical advice about working in the California construction industry along with our exam prep lessons. One piece of advice that each student will hear at least a few times is “don’t cut corners with your contracting business.”

In every industry the temptation to do things a little faster, or cheaper, can arise. That’s especially true today, when most of us are facing more competition than ever before, along with tighter project deadlines. Still, there are at least two good reasons to make sure you provide quality work on every project:

Safety is extremely important.

When you rush through a project or use the wrong materials, you endanger not only yourself but your employees and clients as well. Construction projects that haven’t been given the right amount of attention often end up being not as safe as they could be. If you aren’t completely confident that something you built can stand up to the conditions it was meant for (including storms, or heavy use), then fix it now before it potentially ruins your career and future.

Your reputation as a contractor is always on the line.

Eventually, contractors who take shortcuts are found out. Clients can and will always figure out when you haven’t done the kind of work they expected, even if it isn’t right away. And when that happens, you can be sure that your reputation is going to suffer.

Remember, as a contractor you always have to be aware that clients can choose other individuals or businesses for their projects. Don’t make it easy for them to take their business elsewhere due to a poor reputation as being someone who doesn’t provide quality work. Your business can solely be built on referrals alone and no client will refer bad quality.

Generally speaking, it’s worth the peace of mind to simply do things the right way (which is usually the same way you’d want them done if someone were working on the project for you). But, if that weren’t motivation enough, remember that when you cut corners you also damage your business over the long term. That’s something none of us can afford.

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We encourage you to be the best contractor and business person you can be at CSLS. Our goal is to help you find the solutions that are specific to you and your business’s needs, even after you have graduated. As always, we hope this has been useful and if you think it could help someone you know, please share it with them. Stay tuned for more blogs every week!