7 Signs You Need to Call CSLS


Obviously, we can’t give you unbiased opinions about whether you should sign up for classes with our school or become a licensed California contractor. What we can do, however, is encourage you to take a step that you have probably already been dreaming about for months or years.

In fact, we can even give you seven good signs that you should probably get in touch with us right away:

1. You’ve been looking at our website and trying to make a career decision. If you’ve been to our website several times, you’ve probably been thinking about taking the next step. Why wait any longer?

2. You don’t know what you’re going to do in the construction industry going forward. If you’ve hit a roadblock, then it could be the perfect time to sign up for a class and see what sorts of options are available to you, and what kinds of construction specialties you might prefer.

3. You’ve hit a plateau in your career and don’t seem to be moving ahead anymore. Sometimes, you like what you’re doing but there just isn’t any room for advancement. So, getting an education – and eventually becoming your own boss – could be the perfect answer.

4. You wish you could make more money in the construction industry. We all want to be rewarded for hard work, and becoming a licensed California contractor can drastically increase your earning potential.

5. You wish you could set your own schedule as a contractor. In the same way, having the flexibility to set your own schedule – and decide on your own work/life balance – is one of the big advantages of self-employment.

6. You like working in California construction, but wish you had different kinds of projects. The construction industry can be fun and exciting, but that’s a lot easier to see when you’re working on projects – and with clients – that you truly enjoy.

7. You have decided to become a licensed contractor and want the best chance of passing your exam. Of course, a lot of men and women come to us because they’ve already made the decision to become a licensed contractor and want to work with a proven school that has a track record of 99.9% passing on the first try.

There isn’t any reason to wait longer on your dreams – Call Us today at +1 (800)481-0310