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Why Get Your Contractor’s License Anyway?

Bid on Larger Projects and Earn More Money as a Licensed Contractor

Being a licensed California contractor doesn’t just mean that you can legally bid on larger projects, but also that you can earn more money, and have more control over your career, as a business owner. Construction companies want to work with licensed professionals who have the necessary certifications… wouldn’t you like to win more of that work, enjoy more freedom and increase your income at the same time? Since 99% of our students pass their California Contractors Licensing Exam on the first try, you can be certified and bidding on new work within weeks.

Protect Your Business, and Your Future, by Becoming a California Licensed Contractor

The California State License Board catches hundreds of unlicensed contractors working within the state every month – taking away their income, future and financial stability instantly. As a licensed contractor, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of troubles – you can work as your own boss legally, bidding on the construction projects you choose. There’s never been a better time to protect your future, your business and your family by becoming a licensed California contractor.

Advertise Your California Contractor Business Online, on Your Truck, in Newspapers and Elsewhere

In the California building industry, you can’t compete for the best, highest-paying construction projects if you aren’t a licensed contractor, since you aren’t able to advertise your business. After completing our course and passing your test, however, you are free to legally promote your own company anywhere you want: on your truck, over the Internet, in newspapers, through fliers and anywhere else you can think of. Because it’s your business, the decisions are entirely up to you, and the possibilities are endless.

Charge More for Your Work and Time as a California Licensed Contractor

It’s no secret that licensed California contractors, like most legal business owners, earn higher wages and project fees than unlicensed construction workers do. In some cases, passing your licensing exam can allow you to double or triple your income in a relatively short amount of time – opening up new possibilities for your business, your family and your future. Isn’t it time you started earning what you are worth?

Expand Your Business and Network With Other Licensed Contractors

Because they want to stay on the right side of the law, and because it’s important for them to know they are getting the best workmanship for their clients, licensed contractors only work with others who have the proper certifications as well. That means that passing your licensing exam can open the door for referrals and other business opportunities that may not have existed before. If you want to work with other construction professionals on the best projects, you have to be licensed first.

Obtain Permits From the City for Your Clients

Only California State licensed contractors can apply for building and construction permits on behalf of their clients. That means that passing your exam is the first step toward keeping your customers out of trouble, not to mention avoiding red tape, construction delays, late payments and lost projects. Isn’t it time you gave yourself – and your clients – the peace of mind that comes with passing your California State Licensed Contractor’s Exam?