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Online Classes (at your own pace)


Online Courses for the California State Contractor’s License Exam

If you are interested in a quick, easy and convenient way to earn your California State contractor’s license, then our online learning courses might be the perfect answer.

Available anywhere and any time you can connect to the Internet, these classes offer the same in-depth instruction and materials as our home study course, but with the added benefit of the course materials and exams being accessible immediately with just a few clicks of the mouse. For those students who don’t have the time to attend classroom-style classes and don’t want to deal with textbooks, papers and mailings, it’s the ultimate solution.

Getting started with our CSLS online curriculum is as easy as paying a one-time fee and logging in to access your course materials. There aren’t any complicated software packages to download, and no computer expertise required – just the best of our contractor’s licensing course delivered straight to your screen.

Why wait to pursue your dream of becoming a licensed contractor and earning more money?

    With our online courses, you get:
  • A proven track record of success. We have been able to help 99% of our students successfully pass the California State Contractor’s License Exam, and we can help you.
  • 24/7 convenience. All you need to get started with our online program is an Internet connection and the desire to change your life and career. We’ll help you accomplish the rest.
  • Bilingual materials. Looking for online courses in Spanish? That’s no problem. Most of our programs are offered in both English and Spanish, including our Internet courses.
  • Practice exams and other prep aids. With our online course, you won’t have to worry about being prepared for your exam, because we’ll have you ready with lots of practice exams and supplemental materials.
  • Text, audio and video materials. No matter how you like to learn, there is something for you in our online courses. Our mix of text, audio and video learning aids can help any student become a licensed contractor.

Want access to the industry’s best learning materials, and a convenient way to become a California State licensed contractor… and want to get it all without breaking the bank?

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