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C38 – Refrigeration Contractor

The Contractors State License Board defines a C-38

A refrigeration contractor constructs, fabricates, erects, installs, maintains, services and repairs refrigerators, refrigerated rooms, and insulated refrigerated spaces, temperature insulation, air-conditioning units, ducts, blowers, registers, humidity and thermostatic controls for the control of air, liquid, and/or gas temperatures below fifty degrees Fahrenheit (50 ), or ten degrees Celsius (10 ).

How to Become a Refrigeration Contractor(C-38)

Anyone interested in becoming a Refrigeration Contractor has to meet certain work requirements before taking their exam:

  • 4 years of experience (either as a worker or supervisor) on C-38 Refrigeration Contractor projects
  • A college degree can be substituted for up to three years of that experience
  • Self-employed work in the same capacity will also be accepted

Refrigeration Contractor Contractor Requirements

To become a Refrigeration Contractor, you must successfully pass the specific C-38 trade exam, in addition to the required Law and Business portion of the test.

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