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As the largest contractors license school in California devoted strictly to construction professionals, CSLS has earned a reputation for service and quality instruction that is unmatched anywhere. For more than 25 years, we have helped more than 125,000 contractors and other professionals to become licensed, learn about their trade and run more efficient, profitable businesses. Although we feel confident in saying that we are the best construction industry school for contractors in the state – with more than two dozen locations – it’s the thousands of people whose dreams we have helped turn into reality that we are most proud of.

Our school isn’t just seven times larger than the next closest competitor, but it’s one of the few around that was formed by experienced builders and instructors, not legal or insurance professionals. So, when you want to learn the construction industry the right way, and put yourself on the path to success and higher earnings, try CSLS first and see why so many others turn to us every year.
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Why choose us
Our Track Record is Unbeatable

No matter what your needs, or what your budget, we have the most reliable program anywhere. Contractors State License School (CSLS) isn't just the biggest school in the state, but also the industry leader for more than 25 years. That's why we guarantee the success of every student, every time.
The Best Instruction Money Can Buy

From instructors with real-world experience to online and home study courses that are constantly updated, CSLS offers the very best in construction industry education. If you want teachers and learning aids that actually make the material easier, look no further.
We Offer a Real Pass Guarantee

Our promise is simple, because we are so confident that you'll pass your contractors state license exam, if you go through our program, we will pay for you to retake the test if you don't pass on the first try! See details
CSLS Uses a Teaching Method You Won't Find Elsewhere

All of our study materials are based on the "Mizener Method," which was developed by our founder and is the key to our home study materials, which have been used by tens of thousands of students.
Individual Attention and Support

No two students are the same, and we all have different goals, backgrounds, and learning styles. At CSLS, our focus is always on you as a student, not a number. From small, personal classes to one-on-one customer service, we’ll make sure you get the attention and support you need.
Live Crash Courses and Material Reviews

Whether you need to prepare for your exam in a hurry, or just brush up on what you've learned before you actually take your test, CSLS offers regular "crash courses" to help you review everything you need to know at the last minute.
Computerized Practice Testing

When our students show up to test, they know they're ready. That's because each of our campuses is equipped with computers that look and work just like the ones the state uses for their tests, so you can get familiar with every aspect of your exam before the big day.
99% of Our Students Pass On the First Try

Although there are a few other schools around the state who boast pass rates of 90%, or even 95%, those statistics include students who take the test several times. If you want the best shot at becoming a licensed contractor – without taking your test again and again – CSLS should be your first choice. We've helped more than 125,000 other students, and we can help you, too.
Weekly article
“Three years ago I enrolled in your Orange location and received my contractor’s license. I was very happy with your classes so I decided to enroll again to obtain my C54 license. I have referred two of my friends to your company too. I would like to thank you for having such a caring, helpful and knowledgeable staff.”
Mehran Ghassemi
“I can’t thank you enough for your continued persistence with Jimmy. He’s one of the greatest procrastinators I’ve ever known and I am convinced that if it weren’t for you he would have put off getting his license forever. I am truly grateful to you and I know he is too, even though he won’t admit it yet.”
Teresa Morlet (Jimmy’s wife), Cathedral City, CA